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How to get the best lease deal on the 2018 Lexus IS350

Ladies, if you want your man to have the best birthday of his life, just get him the Lexus. It has a state-of-the-art engine, an elegant exterior, and sophisticated interior. This luxury sedan makes heads turn in awe thanks to its sleek body design and silently purring engine.

Can’t afford the new Lexus IS350?

Did you know that you could own a brand new Lexus IS350 lease by paying a deposit that’s approximately 25 percent of its value?
A car lease deal is a contract that allows a customer to own a brand new vehicle for a specified period temporarily. Some companies offer up to 10-year lease deals for both corporate and individual clients. After paying the specified deposit, you’ll then pay monthly installments until the contract’s expiry date.

4 Tips recommended by car experts on how to get a fantastic Lexus IS350 lease

If this is your first-time Lexus shopping and strolling into a car leasing dealership, you’ll need the guidelines explained below. Most people don’t know about the third and fourth expert tips on this list.

Visit several car dealers
You may think that you’ve found a fantastic offer after visiting just one car dealership. But, what if the car dealer located on the outskirts of your city could offer you the same Lexus lease at 30 percent less?

Visiting several dealerships will also enlighten you on what you’re entitled to. A sneaky car salesperson will charge expensive rates if they notice that a client is clueless regarding the standard per-mile charges.
Consider the insurance premiums

As the new Lexus IS 350 owner, you’re responsible for paying the car’s insurance premiums. You don’t want to experience financial difficulties due to overwhelming insurance and car lease monthly obligations. Smart customers visit a few insurance companies to compare costs. You can also ask the car dealer for affordable recommendations.

Negotiate for the buying price before leasing

A car dealer calculates the downpayment and monthly rates based on the Lexus’s buying price. A friendly buying price means you’ll pay a lower deposit for a brand new car. One mistake novice customers do telling the car salesperson that they’re looking for a lease deal before negotiations.

Why is it a costly mistake? Disclosing this intention makes the salesperson rigid towards dropping the buying price. The salesperson makes more money when you pay a high deposit and monthly rates versus if you just bought the vehicle outright in cash.

Discuss the mile-limit in advance

You’ll come across a stipulated maximum mileage in various is350 leases. This policy helps car dealers to reduce wear and tear. Every car dealer enforces a fine for each mile exceeded beyond the maximum limit.

An ideal Lexus IS350 lease should comfortably accommodate your daily transport needs. Once you’ve correctly calculated your monthly mileage, look for a dealer who can accommodate your needs.

Summing it up
Acquiring an affordable lease enables you to meet your monthly fees conveniently and thoroughly enjoy owning a new luxury sedan.

Successful Commercial Paving in Fairfax & Why Tracking Temperature is Key

What emotions do people get whenever they hear your paving company’s name mentioned on the radio or TV?
In the commercial Fairfax Paving market, word of mouth still carries the same potency it had before online marketing became popular. People want thick and dense asphalt driveways that won’t absorb water during long rainy seasons. The key to building durable asphalt driveways that will earn you a good name in the commercial paving Fairfax market is tracking temperatures.

Here are five essential reasons why you should pay more attention to tracking temperatures during pavement construction.

Ensures you have a solid base

Commercial paving experts recommend laying an asphalt base that has a temperature of 80⁰F. The outdoor nature of asphalt pavement construction exposes the asphalt to the wind. Flowing air currents dramatically reduce the asphalt temperature.
Heating up your asphalt to 80⁰F provides a safe temperature allowance during windy days. Aim to apply a thick layer since this prevents the pavement from chipping at the edges.

2. Creates a long-lasting HAM mix

HAM stands for hot asphalt mix -the layer that’s applied on top of the base. The roller comes into direct contact with this relevant section of an asphalt driveway. When the HAM mix loses temperature rapidly, it tends to crumble quickly. For best results, heat your HAM to 300⁰F.

Heating up the HAM also enables you to apply a nice thick and even layer more efficiently. This minimizes maintenance operations which is both time and cost saving.

3. Deliver high-quality asphalt driveways during cold weather

Commercial paving Fairfax companies work all year round. One requires reheating their base mix when repairing a wet asphalt road that has deep cracks. This ensures that the base temperature remains in a safe zone. If you’re working inside a mist, the high humidity rapidly cools off your base temperature.

After laying a good base, you’ll need extra heat when applying your HAM. This ensures an even spread when the rollers pass through.

4. Appealing end product

Maintaining your base at the recommended temperature helps your HAM to spread out evenly. A rapidly cooling HAM may get so rigid that it crumbles during the rolling stage. To spend less time on your rollers, keep reheating your asphalt.

5. Helps to maintain consistency

During the task, it’s advisable to note down the temperatures at every stage. This ensures that you continue a level of consistency across all your clients. Rather than relying on guesswork, you can deliver high-quality results by using a tried and tested method using your ideal temperatures.

Final thoughts

Adhering to the recommended temperatures reduces the frequency of maintenance and repair jobs in future. It also makes work more comfortable for the roller when the asphalt layer spreads out nicely. Once the driveway cools off, your satisfied clients will recommend you to friends or business associates in need of a commercial paving expert in Northern VA.

Safety Tips When Handling Heavy Equipment And Construction Trucks

heavy equipment truck

On any construction project, you’re bound to come across heavy equipment, construction trucks and a lot of machinery. If any of these are not used properly, they can cause dangerous accidents.

Here are some useful safety tips to consider when handling construction trucks and heavy equipment.

Proper Training
Everyone handling the heavy equipment should undergo proper training to understand the best procedures to handle the equipment safely. When operating the equipment, workers should understand the proper mounting and dismounting procedures as well as the loading capacity.

Be Keen Of  The Surroundings
When operating any equipment, you need to be keen of the surroundings such as any obstacles in the area. For instance, you should de-energize the overhead power lines or add some barriers to prevent any contact. Before digging, you should establish and mark all the underground utilities such as electrical, gas, water and sewer.

Additionally, all the workers should stay out of the areas where heavy equipment is operating. Anyone operating the heavy equipment should be aware of the swing radius, especially if the workplace is too constricted and tight.


Entering Or Exiting The Heavy Equipment

Just like climbing a ladder, you need to maintain three points of contact when entering the heavy equipment. Avoid carrying anything with you as you enter or exit to avoid any slip and falls. Additionally, you shouldn’t enter or exit any equipment that is moving or still in operation. When you have finished using the heavy equipment or construction truck, you should always shut it off completely or put the parking brake as well as release pressure from the hydraulic controls. For companies that work in the concrete and paving construction space, such as paving companies in frederick md, they need to be careful with the amount of machinery they have to use daily. Things moving quickly and they have to be prompt about getting their work done so the concrete or asphalt sets before they finish getting it formed correctly.

Finally, before using the heavy equipment you need to conduct a visual inspection to make sure everything is in order. Any mechanical faults can cause serious damage and injuries, so you need to be very careful.


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