How to get the best lease deal on the 2018 Lexus IS350

Ladies, if you want your man to have the best birthday of his life, just get him the Lexus. It has a state-of-the-art engine, an elegant exterior, and sophisticated interior. This luxury sedan makes heads turn in awe thanks to its sleek body design and silently purring engine.

Can’t afford the new Lexus IS350?

Did you know that you could own a brand new Lexus IS350 lease by paying a deposit that’s approximately 25 percent of its value?
A car lease deal is a contract that allows a customer to own a brand new vehicle for a specified period temporarily. Some companies offer up to 10-year lease deals for both corporate and individual clients. After paying the specified deposit, you’ll then pay monthly installments until the contract’s expiry date.

4 Tips recommended by car experts on how to get a fantastic Lexus IS350 lease

If this is your first-time Lexus shopping and strolling into a car leasing dealership, you’ll need the guidelines explained below. Most people don’t know about the third and fourth expert tips on this list.

Visit several car dealers
You may think that you’ve found a fantastic offer after visiting just one car dealership. But, what if the car dealer located on the outskirts of your city could offer you the same Lexus lease at 30 percent less?

Visiting several dealerships will also enlighten you on what you’re entitled to. A sneaky car salesperson will charge expensive rates if they notice that a client is clueless regarding the standard per-mile charges.
Consider the insurance premiums

As the new Lexus IS 350 owner, you’re responsible for paying the car’s insurance premiums. You don’t want to experience financial difficulties due to overwhelming insurance and car lease monthly obligations. Smart customers visit a few insurance companies to compare costs. You can also ask the car dealer for affordable recommendations.

Negotiate for the buying price before leasing

A car dealer calculates the downpayment and monthly rates based on the Lexus’s buying price. A friendly buying price means you’ll pay a lower deposit for a brand new car. One mistake novice customers do telling the car salesperson that they’re looking for a lease deal before negotiations.

Why is it a costly mistake? Disclosing this intention makes the salesperson rigid towards dropping the buying price. The salesperson makes more money when you pay a high deposit and monthly rates versus if you just bought the vehicle outright in cash.

Discuss the mile-limit in advance

You’ll come across a stipulated maximum mileage in various is350 leases. This policy helps car dealers to reduce wear and tear. Every car dealer enforces a fine for each mile exceeded beyond the maximum limit.

An ideal Lexus IS350 lease should comfortably accommodate your daily transport needs. Once you’ve correctly calculated your monthly mileage, look for a dealer who can accommodate your needs.

Summing it up
Acquiring an affordable lease enables you to meet your monthly fees conveniently and thoroughly enjoy owning a new luxury sedan.