Safety Tips When Handling Heavy Equipment And Construction Trucks

heavy equipment truck

On any construction project, you’re bound to come across heavy equipment, construction trucks and a lot of machinery. If any of these are not used properly, they can cause dangerous accidents.

Here are some useful safety tips to consider when handling construction trucks and heavy equipment.

Proper Training
Everyone handling the heavy equipment should undergo proper training to understand the best procedures to handle the equipment safely. When operating the equipment, workers should understand the proper mounting and dismounting procedures as well as the loading capacity.

Be Keen Of  The Surroundings
When operating any equipment, you need to be keen of the surroundings such as any obstacles in the area. For instance, you should de-energize the overhead power lines or add some barriers to prevent any contact. Before digging, you should establish and mark all the underground utilities such as electrical, gas, water and sewer.

Additionally, all the workers should stay out of the areas where heavy equipment is operating. Anyone operating the heavy equipment should be aware of the swing radius, especially if the workplace is too constricted and tight.


Entering Or Exiting The Heavy Equipment

Just like climbing a ladder, you need to maintain three points of contact when entering the heavy equipment. Avoid carrying anything with you as you enter or exit to avoid any slip and falls. Additionally, you shouldn’t enter or exit any equipment that is moving or still in operation. When you have finished using the heavy equipment or construction truck, you should always shut it off completely or put the parking brake as well as release pressure from the hydraulic controls. For companies that work in the concrete and paving construction space, such as paving companies in frederick md, they need to be careful with the amount of machinery they have to use daily. Things moving quickly and they have to be prompt about getting their work done so the concrete or asphalt sets before they finish getting it formed correctly.

Finally, before using the heavy equipment you need to conduct a visual inspection to make sure everything is in order. Any mechanical faults can cause serious damage and injuries, so you need to be very careful.