Successful Commercial Paving in Fairfax & Why Tracking Temperature is Key

What emotions do people get whenever they hear your paving company’s name mentioned on the radio or TV?
In the commercial Fairfax Paving market, word of mouth still carries the same potency it had before online marketing became popular. People want thick and dense asphalt driveways that won’t absorb water during long rainy seasons. The key to building durable asphalt driveways that will earn you a good name in the commercial paving Fairfax market is tracking temperatures.

Here are five essential reasons why you should pay more attention to tracking temperatures during pavement construction.

Ensures you have a solid base

Commercial paving experts recommend laying an asphalt base that has a temperature of 80⁰F. The outdoor nature of asphalt pavement construction exposes the asphalt to the wind. Flowing air currents dramatically reduce the asphalt temperature.
Heating up your asphalt to 80⁰F provides a safe temperature allowance during windy days. Aim to apply a thick layer since this prevents the pavement from chipping at the edges.

2. Creates a long-lasting HAM mix

HAM stands for hot asphalt mix -the layer that’s applied on top of the base. The roller comes into direct contact with this relevant section of an asphalt driveway. When the HAM mix loses temperature rapidly, it tends to crumble quickly. For best results, heat your HAM to 300⁰F.

Heating up the HAM also enables you to apply a nice thick and even layer more efficiently. This minimizes maintenance operations which is both time and cost saving.

3. Deliver high-quality asphalt driveways during cold weather

Commercial paving Fairfax companies work all year round. One requires reheating their base mix when repairing a wet asphalt road that has deep cracks. This ensures that the base temperature remains in a safe zone. If you’re working inside a mist, the high humidity rapidly cools off your base temperature.

After laying a good base, you’ll need extra heat when applying your HAM. This ensures an even spread when the rollers pass through.

4. Appealing end product

Maintaining your base at the recommended temperature helps your HAM to spread out evenly. A rapidly cooling HAM may get so rigid that it crumbles during the rolling stage. To spend less time on your rollers, keep reheating your asphalt.

5. Helps to maintain consistency

During the task, it’s advisable to note down the temperatures at every stage. This ensures that you continue a level of consistency across all your clients. Rather than relying on guesswork, you can deliver high-quality results by using a tried and tested method using your ideal temperatures.

Final thoughts

Adhering to the recommended temperatures reduces the frequency of maintenance and repair jobs in future. It also makes work more comfortable for the roller when the asphalt layer spreads out nicely. Once the driveway cools off, your satisfied clients will recommend you to friends or business associates in need of a commercial paving expert in Northern VA.

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